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I know it sounds like a cheesy romantic comedy but for Ben and Kaeleigh it was actually their dogs that brought them together. They first met at a dog park, where Ben noticed Kaeleigh’s Forensic Investigator jacket. He thought she bought it from a thrift shop, but when she told him that she was actually a Forensic Investigator with Harris County, he was intrigued. He, of course, wanted all of the cool stories a Forensic Investigator could tell! Is it really like the TV show CSI? They coincidentally ran into each other at the dog park the next two days in a row, but Ben made a classic mistake and forgot to ask for Kaeleigh’s number! So he ended up dragging his dog (a french bulldog) to the same park for the next straight week until he finally ran into her again!

For their urban Houston engagement photos Kaeleigh and Ben, of course, wanted to include their precious pups. Plus, they also wanted to include some 1920’s flare as their wedding is going to be based around this theme.  Kaeleigh and Ben have been tattooed together twice and have some pretty awesome body art.

Kaeleigh and Ben are the real deal and we can’t wait to capture their wedding day later this year! Congrats you two!

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