Romantic Engagement Portraits in Houston

Romantic Engagement Portraits | Houston Photographer | Stephanie & Matt

As we approach the New Year in less than two weeks, it is only fitting that we share Stephanie and Matt’s romantic engagement portraits in downtown Houston. You see Matt popped the question at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve! Stephanie recalls how the evening happened:

“We ate dinner at the most amazing pizza place in San Antonio, and then went to the river walk to enjoy drinks before the clock struck midnight. It was freezing outside, and Matt wanted to walk down to the river. I remember wanting to stay inside where it was warm, but something in his eyes told me to come with him. We were standing outside, but we could still hear everyone counting down till midnight. 5..4..3..2..1- Happy New Year! Instead of going in for a new years kiss, the man of my dreams got down on one knee.”

We are so excited to share these romantic engagement portraits of Stephanie and Matt and are looking forward to capturing their wedding next year! Here’s to the New Year and our amazing 2017 weddings coming up!

stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-1 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-2 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-3 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-4 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-5 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-6 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-7 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-8 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-9 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-10 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-11 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-12 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-13 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-14 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-15 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-16 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-17 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-18 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-19 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-20 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-21 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-22 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-23 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-24 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-25 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-26 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-27 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-28 stephanie-matts-engagements-mcgovern-gardens-29

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