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Laura is an absolutely gorgeous bride and we absolutely loved capturing her stunning River Oaks Country Club bridal portraits! From her fitted gown with lace accents to her timeless bouquet, the elegant backdrop of River Oaks Country Club was a perfect fit.  Now that they have tied the knot, we are thrilled to be able to share a few of our favorite bridal portraits of Laura.

Laura and Jared are one of the sweetest couples and they have an equally sweet proposal story. Laura tells it this way:

Jared introduced the idea of “Date Week” to me one day stating he had heard the idea on the radio. The idea was to have a date every night during the week, and do something that’s meaningful or memorable together. We planned each date together for the week. First was TopGolf (Our first date– which happened to be me, Jared, and his parents!), the second date was Jared cooking for me (he re-created the first meal he ever cooked for me with wine and candles), the third date was a night cooking our own steaks at Turtle Club on the water at Clearlake followed by dancing at Big Texas (where we met!), Thursday we went to Houston’s (one of our now favorite restaurants and where we had our first dates one-on-one), and Friday we went and heard a country band we both love, Randy Roger’s Band. Before each date he wrote me a heartfelt note with something special, signed “your boyfriend.” Saturday morning came and the plan was to go meet my family at our farm in Chappell Hill, Texas as we are renovating the home and doing a lot of work on it- we were going to meet the family up just to check out all the progress. We pulled up to the farm and, surprise, my mom said she was late. So we walked up the pasture to the house and there, Jared had planned the proposal!! There was a blanket and flowers and champagne, he proposed, and I got my final letter signed “your future husband.” My family was hiding in the house and was there to witness and celebrate with us!! They were all in on it for months.

So stay tuned for more amazing moments and stories from Laura and Jared’s amazing River Oaks Country Club wedding!

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  1. Rio Swan
    Rio Swan says:

    The gown is so pretty and the bride is looking gorgeous. The design of gown is perfect for a wedding. The location chosen for the photography is wonderful. I really loved it


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