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Garten Verein Wedding | Galveston Photographer | Laine & Spencer

Laine and Spencer’s Garten Verein Wedding on New Year’s Eve was just spectacular!

Garten Verein Wedding

From the lovely greens of the historic Garten Verein, to the surrounding grounds of Kempner Park, to the lovely wall of lights that Laine’s family handmade as a backdrop for their ceremony, every detail was perfect for this winter wedding in Galveston, TX. Perhaps one of the most meaningful moments was when Laine’s dad shared a heartfelt song during the ceremony.  Once their ceremony concluded Laine and Spencer wanted to let our Photo Station capture all the fun during the reception–which you can see HERE!

Congratulations to Laine and Spencer on becoming Mr. & Mrs. Julien!

Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 1 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 2 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 3 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 4 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 5 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 6 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 7 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 8 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 9 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 10 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 11 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 12 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 13 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 14 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 15 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 16 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 17 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 18 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 19 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 20 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 21 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 22 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 23 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 24 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 25 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 26 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 27 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 28 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 29 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 30 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 31 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 32 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 33 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 34 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 35 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 36 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 37 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 38 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 39 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 40 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 41 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 42 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 43 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 44 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 45 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 46 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 47 Laine-Spencer-Garten-Verein-Wedding 48

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