Bell Tower on 34th Bridal | Houston Photographer | Courtney

Now that Courtney and Scott have tied the knot, we’re thrilled to be able to share these Courtney’s Bell Tower on 34th bridal portraits. Isn’t Courtney stunning? The Bell Tower on 34th is a great location for portrait sessions–from the rich wooden doorways to the ivy-covered walls, there are so many wonderful backdrops to choose from! Courtney and Scott are such a wonderful couple and we can’t wait to share more images from their amazing wedding day soon!

Bell Tower on 34th Bridal Portrait

courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-2 Bell Tower on 34th Bridal Portrait with wooden doors Bell Tower on 34th Bridal Portrait Ideas courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-5 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-6 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-7 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-8 Bell Tower on 34th Bridal Portrait with Ivy Houston Bridal Portrait Ideas Bridal Portrait Photographer Houston courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-12 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-13 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-14 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-15 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-16 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-17 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-18 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-19 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-20 courtney-carrell-bridals-bell-tower-on-34th-21

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